Black Jeans and Mullets

Most interesting thing that happened to me this week is this:
I got converted to 80’s Retro. I tapped into the 80’s vibe and loved it! This is strange for me. i have always rebelled against the 80’s and have utterly despised it. I also thought the 80’s Retro scene came on too fast – i was still getting over it and did not want to enter back in. Maybe it was too soon for us old people.
But i listened to some great music yesterday (Tears for Fears, Crowded House, etc) and loved it so much, i nearly went out and bought some black jeans that are too short for me. I am even thinking of getting a mullet, or at least a modified version of mullet that is a bit more millenium3. So, 80’s Retro. i am now a believer. I have been through a paradigm shift. Does anyone have some MP3’s for me?

Its saturday night and i am about to quit working for the day. Today we all changed rooms – my office and Samuel’s bedroom are in the large bedroom so we have a little more space. I have thrown up papers on the wall that represent my latest thoughts.
Yesterday i got up at 3am and got lots of work done. I had a good meeting with Daryl and Todd from Generous Giving. both guys have 5 kids (like me) and the oldest is a 13 year old boy or almost a 13 year old boy (like me).

Speaking of my 13 year old, he is currently inside the original habbohotel in Finland, where Habbo got its start in 2001. There are now virtual hotels in about 13 countries, including a beta version for the Americans who now get to join in the fun in their own hotel. Sam says the Finnish Habbo Hotel has the best stuff, but you cant understand anyone talking.
BTW – I turn up every Tuesday night (7pm London time ) at Suddenly Seminary, my own room. I wasnt there last week on my birthday, but should be back again to kick off a new season next Tuesday.

Have a good weekend everyone!!!!!!!!! Lets pray for the Australians and Jamaicans who lost loved ones this week.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


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