King’s Kruzin – altar call for hot rods

kruzin41Ever since the Most Right.eous Paul Jackson went on sabbatical, the church members have been running things their own way. Apparently,they have jettisoned the traditional ministries and have turned Glenwood Community Church into a Hot-Rod club. Today’s Saturday Service is called “Kings Kruzin'” – I can only guess that this will be a highly ‘charged’ event where hotted up cars are called to the church for annointing with oil. (Castrol or GTX?). The Bible readings will be from Chev 3:51 and Hemi 4:27 and the childrens Bible story will be about Jehu (2 Kings 9), who “drove his chariot furiously”. I am just guessing, of course . . they might actually be having drag races up and down the aisle of their new church sanctuary and the hymn numbers on the wall have probably been converted to red and green flashing lights.
And where is the Rev. Paul Jackson while this is going on behind his back????? He is in our house, with his whole family – Nancy his wife, and their 4 teenagers. Thats a total of 16 hommies in da little 3 bedroom house last night. We had a good pizza night last night and are enjoying all the company. I picked up the Jackson family from Heathrow yesterday.

Something you don’t know – I used to be one of their ministers – back in a previous life. Glenwood Community Church, Vancouver, Washington, a church still recovering from having the TallSkinnyKiwi on staff for 2 years, a church of about 1800 in attendance on a good Sunday, although it might be significantly larger and stronger if the Post-TallSkinnyKiwi Healing Process had not taken so long.
Nahhhhh – only joking! We had a great time together and i killed very few of their ministries. The church was a lot smaller when I was the Outreach Pastor (1989-1991) but it is still a very relational church and some great people are there. My job as a pastor back then was to position the church for growth and impact, so I think its only fair if i take ALL the credit for the church’s success, despite the fact that i have not be working there for 14 years.
But the King’s Kruzin Hot-Rod Altar Call??? That has nothing to do with me – I swear!


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