The Future of the People of God

hothorpeFor the next 3 days I will be trapped inside this creepy looking mansion with 120 people. I am not expecting WiFi and may not be blogging until Friday. Lots of friends and em. church/alt. worship people will be there.
Whats the big event?
“‘The Future of the People of God’ will be a unique gathering of thinkers and practitioners from the “emerging church” in conversation with one of the most influential biblical scholars of our day, N.T. Wright.” More details at

At first glance it may seem strange that the new Anglican Bishop of Durham should be seen as such a powerful source of inspiration for a movement which is largely still on the fringes of the organised church. However, his ground-breaking work in New Testament studies has persuaded many that even in the most sensitive area of biblical interpretation it is possible to be both orthodox and radical, committed to the historic church but willing at the same time to rethink the grounds of faith within a new and disorienting cultural environment. The results of his work have undoubtedly provided foundations for much recent thinking in the West concerning the relationship between God, church, gospel and society.

Our primary purpose in calling this gathering, therefore, is to allow conversations that many of us have had with Tom’s published work to grow and mature “in the flesh”. He will be contributing much to our proceedings, but he will also be listening, questioning, and debating with us. He will be our starting point, but he is willing to set out on a journey with us as we explore the implications of his work in the various contexts of emerging church.


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