Just Stop Saying “Just”

From Holy Observer : “For decades, God has lavished his followers with linguistic grace regarding what could be considered an epidemic in the prayer world – the use of the word “just.” Usually found in a pattern similar to “God, please just [insert petition] and just [insert another petition],” the word “just” has made answering prayers a confusing and tedious process for the Almighty. In response, God declared earlier this month that Christians everywhere may no longer use the word “just” during intercessory prayer, effective immediately.” Read the whole article. Thanks Marc


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Susan says:

    Defining Just
    1. in the immediate past: a very short time ago
    The train just left.
    2. at this moment: indicating that somebody will begin doing something, or something will start happening now ( used also with “about to” and “going to” )
    I was just about to tell you.
    3. only: only or merely the thing, amount, or situation mentioned
    This is just a warning.
    4. barely: by only a small degree or margin
    I arrived just in time.
    5. used for emphasis: used to emphasize a statement, usually in order to express an emotion
    It’s just plain wrong.
    6. exactly: precisely the thing, amount, or situation mentioned
    It’s just what you need.
    1. fair and impartial: acting with fairness and impartiality
    2. morally correct: done, pursued, or given in accordance with what is morally right
    3. reasonable: valid or reasonable
    [14th century. Via French juste from Latin justus , from jus “law, right.”]
    just·ly adverb
    just·ness noun
    just about used to indicate that something is the case, but only by a very small degree or amount
    just a moment or second or minute used to ask someone to wait for a short time
    just like that without great effort, trouble, or inconvenience
    I can’t move to another country just like that.
    just now
    1. a very short time ago
    2. at this very moment
    just so
    1. used to express agreement with or confirmation of a statement that has just been made
    2. done or arranged precisely
    They wanted the room decorated just so.
    What do you mean? Please elaborate……..

  • Andrew says:

    ooooooo come on now, Susan. You . .the prayer leader of a very large church . . and you have never heard the word”just” a thousand times in every prayer meeting?
    or is it possible that you dont hear it anymore?
    its become a cliche and the holy observer people are right to make fun of us.
    dont you think?

  • Howard says:

    I really…er…just…er…want to really…er…just…er…affirm what you are…er…just…really…er…saying about the…er…repetition on…er…just a few phrases in…er…really just…er…open prayer.
    We also have a theory about there being a spiritual version of Tourette Syndrome that makes people want to say alleluia or amen out loud in a random manner. We…er…really…just…er ask for healing.

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