David Crowder looks funny.

imagesSmall world. I am now sitting at my desk in London, listening to Joy FM from St Louis, Missouri, who are talking about David Crowder, my friend from Waco Texas. I guess The Dave Crowder band are playing in St Louis this weekend, because they are looking at a photo of him and are talking about his funky look – long gotee, skinny, and a weird face. “He likes the shock value of his looks”, said Sharon, not realizing that her words would appear on my blog a few seconds later. Yes, he does look strange, BUT WE LOVE HIM TO DEATH!!!!!!
I downloaded a trial version of live365.com internet radio yesterday on my computer and am enjoying tapping into the mainstream christian contemporary stuff that i havent heard for years. Dont flame me!!!! Just let me listen to it. Does anyone out there want to start an internet radio station. Can you do it cheaper than $10 a month? (Live365.com’s price)

3 minutes later – i found an image of dave (who is now singing on Joy FM). Don’t you just love the speed of internet publishing.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Mike Jones says:

    CMRadio [http://cmradio.net/cmradio.shtml] is a free station with multiple channels that you can listen to using WinAmp. You can also influence their playlists by talking to the people on their forums. Sometimes they play some wacko 80’s stuff but generally its cool. I’ve discovered loads of bands I’d never get to otherwise hear. Also it doesn’t have any whiny-overly-happy-female-american women linking tracks… “Do you want fries with your faith sir? Have a nice eternal life”.

  • cheryl says:

    I like Celticchristiantunes.com which is part of the live365 family. There are some beautiful voices here including Maire Brennan.

  • Toby says:

    I was at a concert in Waco visiting Brian Seay and Shaun Groves said that David Crowder is the ugliest man Christian Music. Of course they are old friends and Crowder was there so it was just good natured ribbing, but still… not too far off.

  • aj says:

    R U saying David Crowder is to Christian music what Haddon Robinson is to preaching?
    Actually, Dave looks more funky than ugly. i would not call him ugly. My wife says his funky look is his “trademark”. I think he has a very cool and original look. Did you see his office in Waco – absolutely wild colors and decor. the man is an original.

  • Toby says:

    Personally, I like crowder’s look. I have an obscure appreciation for individualistic appearances. And of course there is the great music thing also…

  • larlee says:

    DCB – I always assumed Dave had to be one of the others simply due to the billy goat effect but hey i’m funny looking on my best of days – besides his music is mighty fine. Been listening to a concert he did with Shane Barnard – words can’t describe how good this stuff sounds! Enjoyed the post man and enjoy your stuff!

  • Rob Lewin says:

    The Human Broccoli? Odd Naaa.

  • Jess Yan says:

    Dave Crowder!! ^___^ He is playing in Radio City Hall this Friday in the heart of NY! I cannot wait :] Yes, his schway look is very appealing haha; he’s even funnier dancing on stage_
    anyway, you should check out Star 99.1 http://www.star991fm.com and under ‘home’ on the list is listen, click there :] It’s a NY/NJ station that streams for free.

  • Tyler says:

    Dude David Crowder is my all time favorite artist…I’ve met him in person twice…he is definitely the coolest guy I know… He’s my hero…

  • Chris Webb says:

    Calling someone “funny looking” isn’t nice. And, the responsibility of this particular type of name calling should be given soley to female supermodels.
    The rest of us should shut our non-symetrical faces.
    David Crowder is a monster genius of epic proportions and he rules the music world.
    Webb Out!

  • andrew says:

    thanks chris
    dave and i have met enough times to know that i am every bit as funny looking as he is . . . well . . almost.
    and yes – genius . . i have been listening to his music a lot recently and continue to grow in my respect for him.

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