Freedup – worship for Greenbelt

freedup I just sent the description of the worship installation we will be creating at Greenbelt Festival in August, as part of the Epicentre Global Roundtable for Emerging Church. Heres a shortened version.
“Freedup: A Global Reflex” Around the world, God is freeing up the next generation to be church in a new way, and respond to Him in new media. We have invited worship leaders from countries around the world to help create a unique global new media worship experience for Greenbelt04 called “Freedup”.
The Roundtable is an invitation only meeting for 50 leaders of emerging church networks and movements around the world. Not all the invitations have been sent out yet, due to the lost data that disappeared recently when i was backing up my system (ooops). Hopefully we will be all caught up in a few days.
Like the graphic? I just created it. Hope it prints well. The image was taken in Prague at the large cathedral on the hill, as i swung the camera violently through the air to capture the windows and stained glass.


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  • Freedup sounds incredible. We’ve been contemplating a conference of sorts in the midst of setting up our center for expressive arts. It always exciting to see what others are doing out there. I’m looking forward to hearing (and seeing) the results of the roundtable.

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