40 Day Prayer Storm

pray for london while you wait?Prayer Storm has begun for the city of London. The London Prayer Net is up and going. I met the couple behind this site in Norway last January. They are hoping the prayer will be a good covering for the Soul in the City mission this summer.
Anyone else coming over for Soul in the City from USA? Let me know.


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  • Andrew,
    Three things:
    You can tell I am bad with the technology because I have to reply to you this way. Sorry.
    I was the one who gave Todd the quote he uses in his preface. You said it to me when we were eating Barbecue that day in Dallas. What you actually said was, “Like Daniel praying, I believe that what you do is have a life worth looking at. Then you open a window so people can look.”
    Glad to hear about the Prayer movement. Way to go.

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