100,000 hits on new site

100ktrophySince i moved this site over from blogger.com to typepad.com, i have had almost 100,000 hits. Tomorrow sometime, some lucky person will hit my site for the 100,000th time. Will that be you? I need to think up a special prize.
UPDATE: Maybe i should hand out that trophy tomorrow? You would have to come to my virtual office for the ceremony. Yeah. That would be fun. I could also just invite you all to come to my office tomorrow and we could celebrate together?
Are u up for that? I would give you the address and info tomorrow, around 4pm GMT.

How does the new site compare with my old site on blogspot?
It looks better, i have much more control over it, but it is not as nearly as popular. When i started it, i didnt know of any other Christians who were blogging. Now there are thousands of them. My old one, despite not looking very good and not having comments, still gets lots of traffic, even though i have not touched it for 6 MONTHS!. According to these stats today , my traffic ranking is holding steady, declining only a little – who would have thought?. Even weirder is that it was awarded Number 3 top blogspot site a long time after i had closed it down.
Here are the stats for this present site on typepad.
You will notice that my stats are not really increasing, and that the amount of people coming is not really a huge deal anymore. This is good. There are hundreds of great blogs out there and there should be more. I am happy to decrease and have some others increase.

Oh yeah. You can see how everyone else is doing by going to Alexa and typing in their full url in the box at the top. But remember, its not about numbers. We all would rather have fewer but more committed people. A few friends is better than a crowd of strangers. And if you ever find yourself checking your stats a little too often, then it might be time to crucify your site and go on a blog fast.
I did it last summer. So did Jordon Cooper. So did Rudy. Its a great way to purge yourself of ego and addiction to stats.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • i don’t know, but when i go to sites that track “American Idol” news, I’m ALWAYS the kazillionth visitor. they usually want to give me some really really great prize, like a $50 gift certificate for dinner at Red Lobster. so, how ’bout the winner of the 100,000th hit wins a free lunch at Wimpy’s? (“I’d gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today …”) they have great beanburgers/veggieburgers for the veganly inclined, although i would think a vegan would find it offensive to have to share such fare in the midst of a meatalogical outlet. take-out as an option, perhaps?
    p.s. i hope i win! does a free trip to London come with the Wimpyburger?!

  • … 99487 …
    … i can just taste that Wimpyburger now …!
    okay, i’ll stop with the comment hits … jess messin’ …

  • Have admired your site for a while… Keep it up! I guess constantly pressing ‘refresh’ is cheating (although it looks like have competition from Brad!

  • 100,000 hits since October last year!!!
    Now I just feel small and insignificant… the ‘billy no mates’ of the emerging church blogosphere.
    They say its not the size but the quality (of your hits that is) that counts, but as a man I don’t buy that…
    Seriously though, well done – you must be worth reading eh?

  • richard
    if you get 100 people a day coming to hear your story then your site is a huge success. we need thousands of narrowcasters, not dozens of broadcasters, if we are to tell our story right.

  • Keep it up…I’ve only been on here a few days and i like it. Maybe the new guy will win and all the blog veterans will get mad at me. I’ll take the cash equivalent of the prize please.

  • I’ve got you. My blog registers people who DON’T visit and it’s in the billions…
    Saludos to the 4 (yes, FOUR) people who visited the suppliants last week! And I work so hard…

  • yes, Greg, and speaking of your mother . . . tell her to visit your site only once or twice a week. Four times is a little too eager.

  • Why blog?

    I was going to call Dave on this one, and initially drafted a comment for his blog. I’ve decided to post at home instead and develop my thoughts a little further. For context, Dave has decided to take a break…

  • Well, to be fair, my *other* blog (Pura Vida) gets an average of 54 hits per day. Of course it’s about life in Nicaragua and not necessarily about emergent church stuff like the suppliants. If my mom read my suppliants blog you know it’d bore her to tears.
    Hey, BTW, when are you going to do that Re:Mixed Canterbury Tales Pilgrimage I’m hearing so much about? Do tell.

  • I won! yes, yes yes. My life did have a purpose. I am significant.
    Oh I’m so happy..
    I’d just like to thank everyone who helped to get me here. I couldn’t have done it without you

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