Mystery Worshipper at Hillsong

The mystery worshipper at Hillsong London had a very similar experience to our family’s visit earlier this year.


Her experience . . .

” I’ve been to quieter rock concerts. Ear-blisteringly loud and lots of enthusiastic “Christian pogo-ing” on the spot. After a while it became monotonous as the worship songs were nondescript. I yearned for something quieter, slower and more conducive to allowing the Holy Spirit to direct proceedings. The worship group was technically excellent. They seemed to have practised to the point of polished slickness in a positive sense. There was no opportunity for the congregation to have any input, as this was very much led from the front. “

Like i said a few weeks ago, SLOW is the new fast!


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  • Darren says:

    i somehow, as an australian i feel an urge to apologise…
    we should be exporting uggboots and dryzabones not hillsong…

  • linda says:

    I went to this church and the review is very accurate-hence why I left

  • Mystery worshipper

    Found through Tall Skinny Kiwi, The Mystery Worshipper: Ship of Fools has an intrepid team of Mystery Worshippers travelling incognito…

  • Toni says:

    I loved Hillsong. You really feel that God is there. It´s so up-to-date and exactly what the young people need.

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