Magz Wedding

004_1Wedding tomorrow and we are busy with preperations. Debbie is sewing, and Samuel is putting video together for our VJ mix to be projected on the wall at the wedding.
Who’s getting married? Glad you asked. Maggie Blick was one of the girls in my youth group in Perth. W. Australia. She moved to London, just like her two younger sisters. One of them, Cindy, is living with us right now.
Anyway, Magz met Phouc-Tan (who was living with us last month), fell in love, and now they are getting married. They are a very cool couple – and they blog at Duo.
Maggie wrote an excellent novel called Remembering Malcolm MacQuarrie. One of the characters in the novel is a funny old out-of-touch pastor who bears absolutely no resemblance to the cool/with-it/wicked youth pastor she was blessed with 12 years ago. The tall skinny one, that is.


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