Hanging with Euro VJs

Dude. I made it on to the Arkaos web site. Now i have really arrived.
Where is my mother??????
This is me, wearing my grey hat and thrift store lab coat at the London Virgin Megastore last week. The VJ’s were having some difficulties with the Oxygen 8 Midi and i was offering my wise counsel, since i also use an Oxy8, and use the same Arkaos software that was being demonstrated.
As it turned out, my advise was useless – it was a faulty Midi and they just replaced it and got on with the show. But i got to meet these VJs and we hope to see each other again.VJ Toby (Chris- on right) lives in Berlin – he put me on to Archive.org where i have been downloading some killer 40’s and 60’s religious film footage. Amoeba (Scot- in front) is a fine young Scot who offered me all his video stock from his cool web site. As for trade tips, we all have come to the conclusion that compressing QT video in photo jpeg format (at about 25 frames per second) is the most efficient way to get the file size down and keep the quality up, and prevent crashing the computer during the show.
Oh yeah – i also met VJ Michela, an Aussie video geek now based in London. She had her first website up in 1993 (impressive!) and is working on an open source video project online.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Jacob says:

    Hey Andrew, what are the like essential tools for getting started with the whole vj thing? I am a total beginner, in fact where do you begin?Maybe you could point me to some other sites or places to learn…and grow…where do the amatuers begin…

  • andrew says:

    i started in 2000 with a free program (G-Force) available at 55ware.com, iMovie, quicktime pro and went from there.
    with so much downloadable material, you could do it without a video camera – only with trial programs.
    are you pc or mac?

  • jacob says:

    of course the big question…pc…but not by choice. Does that change the playing feild? Do you know any good (pc) programs available online for a guy with a 0 dollar buget?

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