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here is the schedule for those of you coming to hear me speak tonight at blah.

1. intro: a profound apology (5)
2. tree by the river: a connected theology (10)
3. p.h.a.t.: an apostolic strategy (10)
4. forward slash: a new media epistemology (10)
5. couch grass: a deep ecclesiology (10)
6. storm: a narrative missiology (10)
total: 55-content + 5-drizzle = (1 hour)

Here is the movie of Jonny singing folk songs in USA for you to download and have a laugh. is a QT File- 9 Meg. Don’t take it too seriously. Original (without Jonny) is at

background for ‘tree by the river’ frombrooklyn and beyond, by dj kenny mitchell
track 1. movement (lyrics by andrew jones – i like saying that – kenny recorded me in japan and made this track) and
track 7. majesty:shine

(computer screen) (with permission)
(story characters) (with permission)
(old movies – coffeeshop (1969), the rapture (1941) and the door to heaven (193?) from theprelinger archives,
(vj loop)
(vj loop) iso brown

p.h.a.t. pattern and tree pattern inspired by bro. thomas wolf’s universal disciple
new media definition from lev manovich (the language of new media)
further info at

Nice to meet you all. More links coming.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • scott hodge says:

    sounds great – wish i could be there!

  • Tom K. says:

    Wow. Will it be recorded(voice or vid)? Can we download a copy?

  • Gordon says:

    nice to meet you tonight. still mulling, musing and making connections in my head. the picture you painted with the narrative missiology and the connection with peace was my highlight. Thanks.

  • Rob says:

    great evening – thanks. Itwas great to catch uop and hear what you had to say – certainly loads of exciting stuff to think about.

  • says:


    I am not Homo Postmodernis. [I don’t think anyone is, yet.] But with a growing sense of familiarity over recent months, from reading blogs and McLaren books, I am willing to stand up, grasp my 12-step plan, and say, "My…

  • Gary Manders says:

    Andrew, when can we hear this presentation again as I was unfortunately unable to make it? I was so looking forward to attending BLAH.

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