He got up

. . . didn’t He?
Happy and cheerful Easter Sunday to you all.

didn't He?
(Image from the INRI collection, Bettina Rheims et al)


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • jonah says:

    Where did you get that pic? Looks wicked. I’d love to check more stuff of that style out.

  • Susan says:

    This is the day the LORD has made, let us be glad and rejoice in it. HE HAS RISEN! Praise God.

  • Mike says:

    He is risen indeed!

  • christy says:

    Hey,I know that this is going to sound insane, since I never met you, but I massively need homework help. I need to write a ten page paper by friday about blogging and the emerging church, problem is, after reading tons about it,I still have no clue on it. If you could please explain to me, that would be great.Thanks.

  • Andrew Jones says:

    not insane at all. in fact, i have been wanting to write up something new on the subject – let me see what i can do.
    but for tonight, i can tell you this: that blogging is terribly addictive and can cause sleep loss. look at me – trying to go to sleep at 2:40 in the morning. how pathetic, how undisciplined. I am back on my artists schedule.
    email me more info on what you need.

  • brad says:

    on the connection between blogging and insomnia, you may want to do some investigation into the problem caused by light from the monitor screen throwing off natural sleep cycles. if we stay up late/early blogging by the light of the monitor, it actually has some kind of effect on brain chemistry. serious … so it’s best not to blog late at night because the additional light keeps you up even later. not joking. check into the use of melatonin to help regulate sleep cycles by the light.
    of course, that doesn’t say anything about the blogging process itself or the content of blogging. an observation or two, from one who has only blogged a year, but is in a household of semi-bloggers like myself, and talks with other bloggers too.
    seems to me there are at least two kinds of bloggers/blogging – those who want to keep up with friends and share relational life and drama, and those who want to engage in intellectual life and dialog. some people do both
    it seems we go in cycles when at times it’s all the same stuff and we tire of it, so we stop, then pick it up again – whether we are the relational/drama types or the intellectual/dialog types. i do both, but the intellectual stuff is straight off the top of my head oftentimes, which means it isn’t filtered, is dense, and literally heady. i don’t even understand it myself a week later at times. but, intellectual/dialog blogging is a great way for people newly into the discussion on emerging cultures to have ‘ah-ha’ moments, and they want to keep processing their finds. but that also means the discussions don’t always move forward in the same way as if you had a cohort going thru a discovery learning experience together. maybe it’s a kind of staggered cohort, where clusters of people are at different levels but moving forward, though not all at the same pace or same place at the same time. so, we need to have grace and let them be, if that hapens to drive us nuts (which, honestly, it does me sometimes, and i have to disengage from the dialog). on the other end of things, sometimes the dramas of life are too much and we go on overload from that, too, and have to disengage for a while.
    but for all the difficulties and imperfections, blogging certainly has become a way to connect with other virtual voices and actual people, to … in the words of C.S. Lewis’s student in the Hollywood movie version of “Shadowlands” – “We read to know we are not alone.” and in a world of both church and society that frequently still doesn’t “get it” about what makes us post-whatevers distinctive from themselves, knowing we are not alone can be a transforming truth that keeps us from despairing.

  • Gabriel says:

    Hello. I´am Gabriel
    I have seen the photo to the Bettina Rehims (INRI)
    And I Want to answer where this photo was shot.
    This Photo was shot in my garden house loking to the seea. This site is in Mallorca (Ses Covetes near the Es Trenc Beach) Its a Beatiful place and a magnific and pacific style of life near the sea
    for to live in summer.
    If yoy want somthing more about this site answer me. Il live there in Summer. And i have an small
    gallery exibithion for the artists.

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