N-Gage game: Xtreme Pastor

Nahhh . . not really. But I was thinking it would be a good idea.


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    Dear One in Christ,
    Greetings from Resurrection Power and Living Bread Ministriers International to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Head Quarters will be very happy if your office will extend an invitation letter for One our senior Minister, JOHN OPOKU ANTWI to attend your upcoming conference at your end ..
    Iam directed by our Bishop and the General Oveer Seer and the leadership the Ministreis to remind your office for your official invitation for JOHN OPOKU ANTWI to able to attend the conference 2004.
    Evangelist John Opoku Antwi is a minister in good and regular standing in the abaove name Ministries and had served as a zonal Minister incharge Childrens and Youth Ministry for many years in the Church.
    I would be very grateful if you could intiate the necessary steps to extend your invitation to attend your upcoming conference on 2004 at your end ,
    We beleive this conference will equilp him and beneficial to our Ministreis hear in Ghana-Kumasi.
    The church is fully gurantees the cost of the conference and his lmmediate back to Ghana.
    The following are my information.
    PASSPORT NO: H1061111
    We thank you very much for your co-peration in this matter would be highly solicited.
    Head Quarters is lookforward to hear from you.
    Yours in Christ and His service kingdom.
    Rev, Nana Bosiako Antwi
    Senior Minister
    Postal Address:
    Resurretion Power and Living Bread Ministries IntL
    Tell: 233-51-22211

  • Andrew Jones says:

    Thank you, Reverend,
    I, or someone, will be in contact with your office regarding our upcoming Roundtable event in London for August, 2004. This event is still in the planning stage, and dates have not yet officially been released.
    Rev. Andrew Jones

  • Greetings,
    Thank you very much with all the best in Christ for your wonderful talented mail, I and my people were very happy and we can never give up upon your wonderful mail jumping and singing glory songs to God for making it possible you to complied to help us in any point that we wish to sperade the good news nation wide and I and my people are very proud to come across you in Christ work.
    Please we are here to share the good news nation wide as my ministry is willing to get support to work in Christ for His people and here are some few things we need you in support of our visions in Christ
    we need possible link in your ministries (both local and international and we are willing to come and support you any time you are hosting a program and you went us to come to your beautiful country in Christ to come and support you in shearing, ministrying, preaching and more we will be willing to come when when a reccomandation letter is given to us to come and help out in Christ.We need a fanincail assistance as we are use in going to Cities,towns and village around Africa we luck most things to help the poors there to know Christ much like bible and other materials. we are the minisrty with vision for the people in Christ and we are willing to support them as we please went you to support us with few things in our fanincail problem to work for Christ.
    God bless you all with all kinds of blessing from Heavan above for He to make everything be best possible for you and all members in your ministries and others in Christ to have all the best He provides from heavens. and we are happily waiting for your wonderful reply in Christ support.
    Peace and glory be with you!
    Yours in His services
    Pro. Richard Aggrey.

  • Thank you Pro. Aggrey, for the offer to come and support. There is much the African church can and should be teaching us. One day we will see it happen.
    Would you mind commenting a second time with your email address or a link to your web site?
    Rev. Andrew Joes


    Iam Emmanuel Paul of Voice of GOD MINiSTRY As the founder in my national and I have 20 members since junet”th this year.

  • Thanks for commenting
    Fantastic to hear of your 20 members.
    Is there some way you can help us, or for to us help you? Do you have a message for us?
    You are invited to tell us here on a comment (beneath) You may also put a link to your own website, if you have one.
    Rev. Andrew Jones

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