Labyrinth comes home

labyrinth After appearances in churches around the world, the multi-media labyrinth comes home to Ealing where it was created. I was in london April 2000, immediately after the Grace community had released it in England, and I invited them over to USA. Steve Collins brought the labyrinth over to our Epicenter 2001 event in Austin, Texas and introduced it the Americans and the Internationals who were there. His photos were posted on
Speaking of Epicenter 2001, which was best described by Amy, I want everyone to know that the rumor of a similar event here in London at the end of this summer is exactly just that – a rumor. No announcement has been made for a Global Emerging Church Roundtable or an accompanying interactive worship event to follow in our tradition of Epicenter 2001 (USA) and Epicentrum 2002 (Prague). Anyway, the name Epicentre, which would be most appropriate for such an event, if indeed there was such an event, is already used by a church here in UK so using it for Epicentre 2004 (London) would be most rude. And besides that, finding a date when all the right people can be here (before or after Greenbelt?) is an almost impossible feat – which i know firsthand. But if we could pull it off . . .
Anyway – where was I . . . yes . . the Labyrinth details. A flash version was also produced for the internet – (link should work again soon).
[UPDATE 11.21AM Jonny Baker just gave me the Official Labyrinth Link – (which is likely to work shortly – DONT YOU JUST LOVE LONDON????????). Jonny suggests going there by this unofficial link instead, which is working right now]

More details from Mike Rose:

an interactive installation for spiritual journeys

St. Mary’s Church, St. Mary’s Road, Ealing W5
Thursday 8th, Good Friday 9th, Saturday 10th April
10am – 10pm daily
Admission free

Creative and reflective, restful and searching, a walk through the labyrinth will refresh your senses and your spirit

Labyrinth reshapes a 12th-century ritual for the 21st century.
Its maze-like path takes you on a symbolic journey, creates space to unwind and think – in particular about our relationships with ourselves, one another, our planet and God.

Designed for young and old alike, it provides a mixture of rituals and visuals, of contemplative words and contemporary ambient music, of symbols and media to help guide the spiritual traveller. Participants listen to the words and music on headphones as they walk, each in their own relaxing soundworld.

Labyrinth first ran in St. Pauls Cathedral for a week in March 2000. Since then it has toured the cathedrals of England and has appeared at
the Eisteddfod in Wales. It’s been walked by thousands in America, it’s been built with straw
bales in New Zealand. Now it’s in Ealing hosted by some of the people who created it.

For further information email
Please allow an hour to walk the labyrinth.


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