Its OK, God, we’re just checking on your work.

This is the deepest anyone has seen into space to glimpse the handiwork of God. Thank to Hubble Space Telescope and this Wired article “Hubble Offers Glimpse of Creation”.
When I studied theology, Dr. David Needham gave us this assignment – he made us all go our at night to a quiet place, and lie silently under the stars for 20 minutes, just looking up. Stars preach, you know. The skies pour out speech. Even if we shut up. I bet Dr Needham is enjoying these photos.


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  • yea! i was looking at the stars last night!
    what an amazing god we have!
    hope all the jones are settling in in the new home!
    and school is going well!
    i was looking back over the photos from last summer and they made me smile!
    tell everyone we said hi!
    love to all! lilly
    btw: finally made it to typepad!

  • my 6 year old son was asking about the stars just last night, wondering why there was only one to be seen, and ‘where did the other ones go mommy?’ he’ll love this picture – thanks for featuring it!

  • Incredible. It’s amazing to just sit back under the stars and realize that there is much more to this world, to this universe, than each of us. The reality of it is just staggering. And to think, we’re still mucking around on Earth, obsessed with our own affairs and with ourselves, when, out there, there is an endless masterpeice to be viewed and admired.

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