Emergent Convention 04: The Skinny

ec04I missed this one, just like i missed it last year. Wish i could have been there to hang out with so many of my good friends and Emergent buddies.

The best way to experience a conference that you did not attend, is to do it through bloggers who did attend. Youth Specialties has a short list of them, but you will more links on their pages.
Bob Carlton of The Corner, who summarizes Tony Campolo’s controversies and spittles is probably the best place to start. Anna, TammyJo, Chris and Mike also blogged well.
Best conference blog? Chris Monroe of desertpastor.com, for his images and honesty, and for posting video online. Check out my friend Mark Scandrette, poet/prophet from San Francisco on Chris’s blog. Who else should be linked here?

Update: DJChaungs list is the biggest i have seen. (Thanks)


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