sTorm  (By Andrew Jones)

Water filling boat
we will arrive wet
seeking pity and a dry house
sTorm came out of nowhere
in the time between times
the space between spaces
where we are most
v    u    l    n    e    r      a      b        l           e
the watery space
between the shores
where no one is witness
Lets go to the other side
what a stupid idea
didnt he read
the clouds?

of sTorm
a woman hunching
seeking shelter from the rain
the storm came out of nowhere
but the storm in her body has gushed
for twelve years her savings spent
on broken promises from
doctors of greed and still
she bleeeeeeeeds
you bastards!
i believed you
and you took everything I had

today the wetness of the storm camoflages stain
tomorrow a desperate grip of Rabbis robe
an inner flash a power surge
a storm plugged
a body  transformed
by the man with the gentle voice
daughter, your faith has healed you
go in peace

what kind of man is this?

Water filling boat
we are swamped with waves that tower over us
same boat once was swamped with fish
Come, and I will make you fishers of men
maybe we shouldnt have joined him

of sTorm
a naked man on the beach
yells back at the angry wind and rain
sTorm came out of nowhere
but the stoRm inside him has
a history and a name
many names
many voices
confining him to
tombs of deadness
sleepless nights
cutting arms
with stones
until they bleed
KilL ThE PaiN KilL The
PaiN KilL ThE

but the pain
doesnt leave
doesnt flow
away with the blood
it just stays there bottled
mocked by
today he busys himself
reordering the rogue requests
managing the myraid of messages
tomorrow he will throw his team
at the feet of The Powerful One
Come out of him you dirty spirit!
the God-Man will command
and the caveman will
drop his stones
dress himself
and finally
what kind of man is this?

Water filling boat
we are chattering cold
thinking thoughts of death

of sTorm
a worried face
watches the rain
through the window
a bedroom of a little girl
sTorm came out of nowhere
but the storm filling the house
threatens grey of impending loss
does daddy really have to leave me right now?
today the doctor packs his bag and goes home
tomorrow the daughter will die
memory of a father vacant
dont be afraid
only believe
and she
will be made well

Teacher holds cold hand
and speaks life
body warms
eyes open

what kind of man is this?

Water filling boat
they wont find our bodies
my wife
how many mornings
will she stand at the shore and watch?

will these pounding waves ever stop?
wilL thE iriTatinG vOices ever stop?
will my river of red ever stop?
will the fiery fever ever stop?
will this  wind ever stop?

sTorm sTands at aTtention


of many waters
sounding out over restless lake
wind dissipating
blood congealing
burning fever icing out
DESCENDING HEADFIrst into underworld

waves releasing doberman tension
yielding to peaceful calm

sTorm sTands STILL

what kind of man is this?
One who stills
a storm.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


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