Vree vroughts on accents

Good news! Our application to rent in Walthamstow, London was just accepted and we should be moving in within a week. We have already got the phone number and i will order broadband. Who cares about water, heat and electricity? I just need broadband internet access. And coffee. Broadband and coffee.

Walthamstow is one of the cheapest areas of London. A little dodgy? Perhaps. Feels safe though. Not too many white people and that is a good thing. I dont trust white people much, especially after reading Stupid White Man by Michael Moore.

– Leighton was another choice, but my American wife cannot pronounce “Leighton”. . .

she says Lai’in, and either swallows in the middle or leaves a pause before the final bit instead of pronouncing a “t”
“Where’s the “t”?”
brewing in the pot!

. . . and so i chose Walthamtow instead.

– I have been frequenting this internet cafe near the house we are moving into. It is quite cheap and it has a sign in the front saying:
“Only 21p an hour for Pakistan Costumers”
Thats right. Costumers. If i dress up in a Pakistai costume, and get a sun tan, than i might get internet access for half the price.
The sign in front of me is a warning and it says, and i quote it with mistakes intact . . .
” . . we have experienced that theives may rade you without your notice, specialy on busy times.”

– Our kids have already started school in Walthamstow. They started talking with an east-side London accent last week. I really dont like it. I told them off the first time they exchanged a “th” for an “f”. Sounded very low class to me [i’m a bit of a snob]

“Ill be vere in vree minutes dad.”
“Three minutes, dangitt!. One, two, three“.

Anyway, last night, I finally relented and told them they could talk with any accent they like. I knew we w
We are a family on mission and we all have chosen to live incarnationally with the poor. And that means certain cultural forms are adopted, even ones you dont really like. Like a bad accent.

Vats all i have to say on vat.


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  • Coffee and broadband, what else do you need…
    Oh, and count your lucky start that you haven’t moved to Birmingham. Otherwise your kids would be saying “Alrooight dad, i’ll be the’er in tewthree minutes.”

  • PTL! You have found a home. Tell us all about it. We’re planning to be in London the end of March the beginning of April. See you then. I’m getting ready to make the move to typepad. Want to talk to you about it. Big hug to Debbie and the kids! Broadband rocks!

  • Broadband is surely one of the five basic food groups.
    If you haven’t decided on an ISP yet, we’ve found freedom2surf offers a really good service. When we joined them the deal was: they offered a “wires only” price that was good, so we could use our own broadband router and connect it to our AirPort basestation… they’re happy for you to share the connection with as many computers as you have, when many offer a USB modem and single-computer connection only… no connection fee, and you can leave their service in less than 12 months if you need to move house (paying a disconnection penalty at that point admittedly, but at least you can move)… and they include free web hosting that can even support MovableType if you want to host your blog yourself… Only downside is they only offer telephone support 9-5 basically, but then we’ve had so few problems in the ten months we’ve been with them that it hasn’t really been an issue.
    Non-disclaimer: My only link with this company is satisfied customer! Their site is http://www.freedom2surf.net/

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