Logos Hope

This is the new name chosen a few hours ago for the next mission ship of Operation Mobilization.
“In all our planning towards replacing LOGOS II, we have been talking about ‘the Next Ship’, but from today that ship has a name – LOGOS HOPE,” said Bernd.
Debbie and myself spent 2 years on the M.V. Logos from 1985 to 1987, mostly in Latin Amercia. Great time.


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  • Wow, I learn something new about you guys every day (being on a ship for 2 yrs!). My family toured the LOGOS II back in August when she was docked in Corinto, Nicaragua. Some of the staff (crew?) told us it was going to be replaced so it’s nice to get that report.

  • Hello Andrew and Debbie,
    I just happened upon your website, I don’t know if you remember me, but I am the blond Irish guy who came on board in Baltimore and worked in the galley. I am now back with the LOGOS II and doing the personnel job. My wife Andrea and I have 4 kids and we are going back for another 2 yrs on April 28, – we’ll be part of the first crew of the LOGOS HOPE, God willing. Those early years with LOGOS were really influencial in shaping the course of my life. I thank God for them.
    Sam & Andrea Scott

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