Hanging with my Viking homies

Did i tell you i have viking blood?
i am a descendant of king harald of norway, like 1000 years ago. the people here in norway told me that harald had a son in every home so most of them can also trace their heritage back to royalty like me.
i guess i wont be claiming the throne after all.

yesterday was . . . . oh yeah . . .
i am in bergen, norway, up near the north bloody pole, where the moon is shining brightly at 9 in the morning . . but it is really beautiful here and the people are great.
there are like 3 or 4 conferences and events going on and i am a little confused which one is which – i just speak when i am told to. Yesterday i had a seminar on emerging culture and it was a little lame and dead. i spoke with soren from denmark who is my speaking partner at this event in bergen – a DAWN conference with about 240 people. After yesterday i was quite depressed and sullen.
today went really well, however. i spoke at the main session (and went over time – dangit, i hate when others do that and cant believe i did it myself – but people seemed to respond really well.
i also did another seminar after that and it was full and lively.
as soon as i get my own computer syncd up with the internet then i will try and post some images of this, as well as the trip to england that we did last week.

my biggest concern right now is calling my wife. my phone (actually my daughters phone, since my phone is still getting fixed in Prague) got taken at security in amsterdam and they didnt give it back, or forgot to, and somehow it got stuck in holland. it had debbies new number on it and i dont know it. shannon has sent on the number but i cant seem to call it – its buggging me like crazy –
so if you see [my wife] the most beautiful girl in the world,
tell her i love her . . .
tell her i need my baby …..
woooooooo wont you tell her . .
that i love her . ..

Keep reading for deeper, prophetic thoughts on Norway . . . .

I wrote this down yesterday and publish it here for posterity’s sake.
I am in a worship/prayer environment with Norwegians, Swedes, Fins but mainly with Norwegians. I am watching them pray and God is speaking to me so i am just writing them down really quickly. I will use this as a prophetic base for when i speak.

-a strongly spiritual country
– their is strength in their worship, that is focused like a tornado, facing up and out to the nations
– unapologetically apostolic- theexploration, pillaging and resettling of the Vikings was the same desire but unredeemed.
– they need to resettle people in the Kingdom of God – a way of living
– God is pleased with them and they shouldn’t beat themselves up so much that the church is so small in their country
– God loves the way they impact the nations- their purpose is more for others than for themselves.
– because they love their own people, they will find a way to resettle their own people in the way of Jesus
– the box that they call church is too small
-it is too small for their own children – test- can they keep their own children in the old wineskin?
if you cant keep your own children with their church culture, why would you try to squeeze pagans, new agers, unbelievers into that same box that you know is too small and created for a different generation
-revival is not enough – new structures are needed for new people, not more people for same structures
– this will happen anyway – because you love people, they will enter the kingdom of God, and will create new churches that work, and will look very different. Your children will be a part of this.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • riley says:

    glad to hear things are going well, and if, in some strange cosmic coincidence, i happen to meet your wife accross the pond, i’ll say hello on your behalf.

  • rob lewin says:

    So Mr. Technology has a problem, and cries for his baby? how refreshing!
    Get home safe,

  • brad says:

    all kings considered, sounds like the serial-speaking is going really well! wish i were there. maybe next year …

  • hamo says:

    Met SOren in Oz a couple of years back – he seems to have some good stuff to contribute… your royal highness – oh yeh!

  • Susan says:

    I’ll try and call Debbie this morning. I got her on her cell phone in London a couple of days ago. As a matter of fact it was the morning you left. If I’m successful I will give her your message. I’m praying that you guys will hear God’s voice.

  • lucas says:

    i have friends from bergen… i guess it’s actually a big(ger) city. i live in scandanavia for a year and loved it. miss my viking homies as well.

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