Emerging Gen pastor needed.

Big church in California called Eagle Rock has a paid position open for Emerging Generation pastor. Tom Hughes needs your application before Jan 31. Ask me for details.


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  • maggi says:

    that’s quite amusing, given the amount of heat generated on US ’emerging’ blogs about the need to abandon paid positions…

  • steve says:

    is there a slight irony – big church wants emerging church pastor?

  • Isaac says:

    I had a post to this typed up last night, but thought I shouldn’t post it due to the fact that some people might be offended. But now that several people have already mentioned my point, I’ll say, ‘I agree’.
    Btw, do many of you think the whole ‘hiring’ of clergy from outside that particular body of Christ seems a bit weird? Advertising for leadership in a church seems a bit out-of-line to me. Shouldn’t leadership be raised up from within that particular church where they are serving?

  • maggi says:

    not necessarily, Isaac. There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Sometimes someone from elsewhere is exactly what you need. If you always keep it in the family sooner or later the offspring have webbed feet…

  • But surely there is some deficiency in the training and mentoring department of a church that has to hire from outside?

  • maggi says:

    jonathan, you surely don’t mean we should never move? the bible is chock full of sotries about peole who ‘wandered in’ to communities, called there by God, to bring fresh blood, new points of view…

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  • Surely not. But were they allured by a pay packet?

  • maggi says:

    not if it contains what a Church of England priest is paid 😉
    seriously, though, isn’t it sometimes desirsable to deliberately extend the borders of our communities? inbreeding is a very bad thing indeed.

  • I think your right about people moving as God moves them. I just cringe when I see an advert for a paid “assistant pastor”, “worship leader” etc. etc. when I belive wholeheartedly in raising up and training leaders. If a person is called to a place, they might join the community prior to taking on a role.
    Obviously though, God isn’t limited by the things that make us cringe – he can use anything for good (even the CofE!! (joke))
    Cheers for the challenges!

  • Clarification:
    The request was for an Emerging GENERATION pastor, not Emerging CHURCH. Big difference. This was my home church prior to last summer, so I can vouch for what they are probably looking for. Tom Hughes is responsible for the 18-34 year old demographic at the church.
    (As a side note, some of the discussion here may be relevant to them even if for the wrongly assumed reasons.)

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