Moving to London

The official news: We are moving our main base to london. We are looking for affordable accommodation on the dodgy side of London and we need it for about 4 months.
In April, there is a possibility of another building that might open up for us in London, but in the meantime, we are looking. Please email or comment if you know of anything.


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  • i am so glad! fantastic that it looks like that bow connection may work out. i can so imagine you guys there. in the short term i’m not sure. i’ll ask around…

  • A few suggestions – Holy Trinity Brompton ( has a free newspaper called Focus – that often has accommodation ads in it. Another big London church All Souls ( has a massive accommodation board with ads on it -the ads don’t just come from people in those churches…if I think of anything else I will let you know….

  • Well, we were honestly hoping you’d come out to Budapest, but we rejoice that the Lord has given you direction towards London.

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