Writing my book

Today I’m getting stuck into writing my book. I am carrying large loads of books on new media and postmodernism and systems theory down into my rarely used office. The book will be on the global emerging culture and I hope to release a preview online on Christmas day – but no promises!


Andrew Jones has been blogging since 1997. He is based in San Francisco with his two daughters but also travels the globe to find compelling stories of early stage entrepreneurs changing their world. Sometimes he talks in the third person. Sometimes he even talks to himself and has been heard uttering the name "Precious" :-)


  • ahh … if only yu were here and could have carried out my thom-wolf-esque library to storage for me … i’ve only kept about four boxes of books and five bookcases of concrete media here at the house in order to write whatever’s next. happy wordsmithing!

  • Brad, most of my books are in California – I cant afford to ship them out here to Europe. The books I have here are my recent and naughty acquisitions.

  • Getting lost in writing your book, eh? I hope to indulge myself in such activity this December. Are you going to talk to your friend from Alive?
    You should.
    Mike Morrell

  • sounds fasinating, can’t wait to find out more. I’m a new media designer and lecturer so this along with my interest in the emerging culture sounds right up my street. can’t wait to find out more.

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