WiFi in the House

I finally bought an Airport hub for the house and office. We have been going up to the local park to catch some free WiFi waves for a really long time. But now that winter is coming, we really needed it in the house. Besides that, the modem on our iMac broke and now I dont need to replace it.
So . . . now we are a WiFi house. A wireless WiFi office. Now we can host WiFi events with everybody getting on-line at the same time. Now we can have cute little WiFi church meetings in our living room. A WiFi church.
Nahhhh. Just kidding. Its only a piece of tech. But it sure is nice to have it.


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  • We have Wifi in our church in Spiritwood (town of 1000 and we provide free wifi to them) and it is great there and at home. Sitting on the deck with a glass of iced tea, streaming some jazz and blogging away. I keep thinking heaven will be somewhat like that except I will be using Moveable Type!

  • Wi-Fi church??? Wi not?? (sorry, couldn’t resist it!!)
    Think about it… what kind of Servant Evangelism could that be? Make them have to register to use it, though, and get their ethernet address, their email address, and other pertinent information. Make sure its filtered very well, and let them know that it is, and set up an array of wi-fi antennas in the neighborhood. You’ll have to get a setup to be an ISP, but wow! talk about making an impact in your community!!! Family-safe, filtered WiFi… free (with limited access accounts, say 120 minutes a day), cheap (with say 700 minutes a day) and not so cheap (with unlimited minutes a day, or maybe not so limited minutes)… you’ve got me thinking here, Jones!!! You’ve got me thinking!!! (Wonder if I could apply for a community development grant to do this???)

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