#3 Blogger Forum Ranking

This just came in:
“You are ranked #3 at Blogger Forum’s Top Ten Blog*Spot sites this week.
This is the first time you have been in the rankings.

Well, now I fell bad, because I stopped my Original Tallskinnykiwi blog on Blogger and moved it over here. But people are still going there, whether i am writing to it or not. Figure that one out. All I can say is that my old site is a great resource – 2 years of travelling and blogging around the world and maybe its not a big deal that i am not writing to it anymore.

As for this site on Typepad, I have been on for over a week. 340 of you have come here today so far, even no one left a comment (except Owen). I havent officially let people know about it yet, except for a link from some of my other blogs. Anyway, thanks for coming here today.
Pretty soon I will be doing a daily teaching thing here, but first I need to load up all my links and posts and get myself moved in.
While you are here, you could pray for me. I have to speak at a conference in Dallas, Texas next week and could use your prayers for knowing what to say. Appreciate it.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Owen says:

    Father, thanks for tsk. Thanks that you are the one who gives us wisdom when we lack it, grace that we cannot afford to pay back but continue to borrow upon for any good work we do in your name. Time zones aside, may you apply this prayer in your timing. Amen.

  • Wendy and I will be praying for you. Would love for you to post some of what you are talking about when you get a chance.
    I like the new Typepad and I think your new masthead looks great (cool pic). I hope you post some more photo galleries as well.

  • + Alan says:

    Dude – Andrew – you know almost anything you say from the depth of your experience is going to be good and helpful – fret not! Peace and Grace be with you – and angels protect you as you travel. Good to see you back and churning mate.

  • Andrew (who should be in bed) says:

    Hey you guys – you all posted these encouragements and prayers in the past few minutes –
    much appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!
    Feels good to be blogging again, but i think i am losing too much sleep.
    Good night.

  • JJ says:

    Good to see you bloggin again. And wow, I wish I had design skills, because I would like a site that looks nice too. Anyway, I noticed you left my fatblueman link in your sidebar, and thanks for that, but I haven’t used that one for quite a while. I am posting (somewhat sparsely) at http://www.herbansprawl.blogspot.com (more churchy in tone) or http://www.thegenkidolphin.blogspot.com (more Japan-y in tone) if you get around to changing the link.
    Will be checkin in!

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