What am I really listening to?

My Kung-log editing software has an iTunes button that tells you I am listening to: Let me click it . . . . . .
Beautiful from the album “Stripped” by Christine Aguilera

Ahhhhhh. How embarrasing. Listening to my wife’s sissy music while I do my manly strategic work. Thats the thing about the automation of blogging – I dont get to tell you about the stuff I want you to know about me. Rather, the computer tells you what I am REALLY doing and, in this case, what i am REALLY listening to.
I wish it would have said Moby or Creed or POD. That would make me look cooler (maybe not!)
But as it is, I am actually listening to . . .

Beautiful from the album “Stripped” by Christine Aguilera – ahhhhhh, there it is again. I am soooooooooooo embarrassed! I swear to you that I dont usually listen to this sutff.
Ok. The music is moved on to something better. Lets try it . . .

Track 05 from the album “Fallen” by Evanescence.

Thats what I’m talking about.


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