Theoblogians in France

I saw Oikos pop up in the Typepad blogs and a few clicks later, I was reading French language blogging about God – Funny thing is that I know these people in Paris, I have stayed with Jonathon Finley in their WiFi house during an event earlier this year (read my old blog entry for the skinny), and the guy visiting them this weekend, by the name of Matt Glock, is a good friend of mine also.

Great story: I am on a flight from Brisbane to Sydney 2 years ago and the guy next to me, reading a Newsweek is an American. I tell him I live in Europe and He tells me he has a brother who is a missionary living in Grenoble, France. I say, “Well, that would probably be Matt Glock” and this guy totally flips out – “You know my brother?????”
Anyway, Mat led an event in Paris recently on Emergent church (I was at the first one in Paris this year) and Al took some notes – a whole lot of notes on the main speaker, Stuart Murray.

Best note from Stuart’s teaching from Al’s notes:

“. Many are post-charismatic.
ยท After 20 years, they would rather shoot themselves than sing another chorus.”


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Vive la France..

    Peoples are blogging from France..Finally, something is really happening here..There is even a postmodern comunity (whatever it means) in Paris..I’m really glad for the beginning of an emerging movement in France ..It is so encouraging..By the way, I’m…

  • + Alan says:

    Oh dude! I thought I coined that term – “post-charismatic” – that would be me. Many, many of us are rediscovering liturgy, weaving it together with free-form.
    Anyway – wild how God puts people together like that. Peace to you Andrew.

  • Matt says:

    Thanks for the post Andrew. I’ve already followed a trackback link to some guy in the States who’s French and planning to come back to France to plant churches. Vive le net!

  • Andrew says:

    Alan. “Post charasmatic” gets serious treatment in the book “Alternative Worship, by Doug Gay and Jonny Baker.
    But Alan, did you coin the word Theoblogian? Because i first came across it on your blog.

  • + Alan says:

    Oh man, I don’t know. There are so many of those “blog…” words now I’d be surprised if anybody remembers who coined what. I guess we just all have a few more “coins” in our pockets now, wherever they came from. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your clan!

  • james says:

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  • Jon says:

    Aghhh ! The spam just haad to go for the post on France !
    Oh well…
    Anyway, there’s a good chance emerging church in France will be different than in anglo sax world. That should be interesting. In a way, this sort of church probably makes more sense in french society than most of anglo sax…

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