iPod MP3jing

Methodshop.com: “There’s two ways to DJ with an iPod. The first is to go “pure Pod” and set up with two iPods and a mixer. This method is less perfect and more for the crowd’s geek-fun of it all. The mp3j’s doing all the mixing are usually audience members like at noWax or APT. The other way is to go “pro Pod.” People who actually get paid to DJ can hook their iPods to a laptop and use programs like DJ Studio or Final Scratch.”


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  • I know I am a poor Windows user but with a Nomad Zen and your Windows notebook or desktop, you can do some of the same things as the Apple software. Of course you won’t be as cool (doh!) but you can get the software here http://www.vdj.net/ as told to me by the famous Lockergnome newsletter.

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