If Church was a Party

Not really – I) didnt lose my phone- I just wanted to play with the add for this cool phone/gaming machine (Nokia N-Gage. But it is true that I am also giving some thought to the idea that it is funner to have a play machine that is useful than having a functional machine that plays games.

Related is the same mindset about church:
It might be better to have a party that is redemptive than having a boring service that has moments of drama/fun. More on this later. Its really important. Many of my friends start with a “service” that is, in its kernal, BORING and then try to add the fun element. But house church people start with a party in the living room – that is indeed fun and relational, and make the party work, make it useful, add purpsose and direction to the party.
If church is a party . . . well, as i said, more later . . .


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • I have been pondering this “party” concept now for a while too. My roommates and I hosted an intial party for the 31st Oct and we had a really mix of people. You remember the OIKOS HOUSE in Paris- we turned the upstairs into a disco club for aliens.
    Some day I’d love to visit your beautiful city and join your “party”-
    Liz SPIGER
    hey, I also wondered how well you like Typepad. I’m looking into upgrading, and photo-izing my blog.

  • I need to hear more. We have a small group of people who meet with us in our home. I really see what you are saying about the way to meet (actually I have been reading your blog for at least a year now and you will never know how much it has helped me thru the transition of being “churched” to being “unchurched”) I am with you in that our meetings should be a party, a gathering, family, getting together and enjoying each other in a Christ centered atmosphere. But, most of the people we have meeting with us now just don’t get it. They want us to have a “service” or they don’t feel like they are “getting what they need”. I am in a real dilema right now of knowing which way to go. Maybe I should tell our little group to go find them a church to attend because I just want to party. 🙂

  • riffing with the kiwi — redemptive parties

    Reading Andrew Jones this morning. He dropped this little nugget: It might be better to have a party that is redemptive than having a boring service that has moments of drama/fun. I am taking a positive spin on things these

  • Talking about the Church as a party I can’t help but think of the story of the prodigal son when the older brother comes in from the field and hears “music and dancing”.
    Want to let you know you are in my our prayers as you travel and teach in England and Dallas.
    Pary On!

  • Our home gatherings have been a lot of fun.
    But yesterday in our Sunday service, I was bored.
    And I am super-committed! If it bores me, what is it like for the casual attender or seeker?

  • …yes, more on this later. I will wait for those interesting post.
    Thank you for opening that thought to us. Every Sunday we have to produce a boring service. You know what I mean. Our home gatherings are relational, fun, authentic, but not this Sunday morning thing, that requires a great deal of energy. Mostly, it was a waste of time. So we are on the way to switch to simple[home]churches. But that needs patience. To bring that SundayMorningGhost to an end is not an easy task.

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