Chipped tooth

Poor Elizabeth, our 10 year old daughter, chipped her front tooth today and is really upset about it.
I would be also.
We will get her to the dentist on Monday. But in the meantime, she can do a great Jim Carrey from Dumb and Dumber.
Speaking of which. Have you heard of the book I almost wrote about evangelical churches in Eastern Europe? I was going to call it “Glum and Glummer”.


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  • + Alan says:

    Oh man – teeth! My son Conor, when he was only 4, fell face first off his bike on a concrete sidewalk and broke both his two front teeth out – totally out! They were baby teeth – but at his age he went a full 3 years with no two front teeth. He’s 10 now and the pictures just look cute. It was heart-breaking when it happened though. Peace and no pain to Elizabeth.

  • LN says:

    I could give you some really nice first-hand examples for that book…

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