Brian McLaren (dont spell it “MacLaren”) has NO HAIR

Fun to be with Brian again at this conference which is based on one of his books. He had me sit up with him and answer questions from the people. After that we went off to London Bible College where he was teaching that night.
I like Brian.
Jason Clark is also here and is running this conference. Good to hang with him also.

edit – this post orginally said “brian maclaren [sic] which made it register highly on google search for the misspelled “brian maclaren” – thus i have left this sentence in for those who type in the wrong spelling.


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  • Andrew
    Cool to meet you briefly this avo. I enjoyed the stuff that you were saying yesterday during the Q&A session. I trust you’ll have a great time in Dallas and that God will lead you specifically in what you say. I’d appreciate staying somehow connected!?! bLESSINGS
    PS> a couple of sites that are a window on the guys i’m running with and the stuff we do and

  • Wanna hear something freaky? I grew up down the road from the McLarens .. in fact, participated in their home church run by their father back in 1977-79 until it grew to big.
    Back then … Brian had LOTS of hair.
    I hadn’t seen a recent photo of him until this past November … I could swear I was looking at his Dad all over again.

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