The Skinny on Type Pad

Today is the last day of the 10% off for life Launching sale of TypePad. My advice is to sign up today for the one month free trial which gets you in on the final day, and kick it around for a few weeks. If you dont like it, cancel.
I find Typepad works better on PC than Mac – I have encountered some Mac-related problems already:
1. Photo album is not aligned in Mac but perfect in PC
2. I am lacking posting tools in Mac version.

Another let down – the moblogging (blogging from the phone) is email related and so i still cant use MMS on my MMS Ericsson phone to send an image with a few words of text/or a soundbite to accompany it.
Hopefully Typepad will add this soon.

The biggest problem is not having the html handy to adapt the way i want to post text with the image – i have to add it myself and it is not called up like in Blogger. And when i want to upload and add an image to an existing post, it wants to create a new posting.

However, i am sticking with it – it is the best blogging tool in the whole world and it feels very exact and quick to play with. And the photo album ability is the best I have come across.

Big plus – i had a problem importing files from a previous blog (still havent figured it out – can someone help?) and i hit the report button – within a few hours someone from Typepad had sent me a personal email telling me the answer. How nice to have a person respond!!!!!!!
I’m glad to be with Typepad.

Hey – i just told Typepad what i told you and look what BRENNA sent me:

Hi Andrew,

Safari doesn’t support the formatting buttons, it’s more a
limitation of the browser than of the system. Hopefully,
we’ll be able to get this to work as Safari progresses.
The buttons don’t work in IE/Mac and probably never will.

You could use Mozilla 1.3 or higher and Firebird and you’ll
have the buttons.

Also, you may want to look into using an application like
Kung Log or NetNewsWire for a more word-processing like
environment to post.

These were built for Movable Type but work for TypePad.
You’re looking for post templates? I think you can do
those in KungLog.
Please let us know if you have any questions.


Thats cool – I get to hear from a person named Brenna who is not a machine. That makes it worth it!!!!!


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Darren Rowse says:

    i have similar issues with Safari posting on MT….
    I still love it though…
    thanks for this TypePad review…sounds like a great tool which I’ll be recommending to a friend who is about to start blogging.

  • Owen says:

    I am so, SO glad that I moved in to Typepad and set up my new digs with them. I chose my birthday to register and it has proven to be a worthwhile gift.
    I used to know where to find you but lost track. Glad to have located you again.

  • Andrew, Google for Kung-Log, its a cool program that will let you post on TypePad on a Mac… I think you’ll like it! BTW, I’m suspicious that our friends in Cupertino haven’t done us any favors with Safari… I have noticed that it doesn’t play well with secure web pages, and sometimes doesn’t play at all with them…

  • Andrew Jones says:

    I have Kung-Log and have been waiting for 10.3 to use it. Even Typepad people recommended it. Thanks.

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