Relevant Magazine on Beer

Relevant Magazine has good article on Christianity’s Most Enthusiastic Beer Enthusiasts. Nothing you probably dont already know but its good to be reminded, especially when you lift the Guinness to your lips and reflect on church history.

It doesn’t feature the excellent micro-brews coming out from the pub churches and modern day monasteries but its worth the read. Especially the Guinness story.

BTW a few years ago, in Cape Town,  I interviewed writer Os Guinness who is related to the same beer brewing Guinness family and I was hoping to share a pint for the sake of  . . . I don’t know . . just because. But he said to me “I dont drink Guinness!” Oh well.

Relevant still have an OOOOOOOOLD article of mine on Cyberchurch from ten years ago which is totally outdated but still worth a read for posterity’s sake.


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