Cape Town Commitment Now Released

UPDATE. Its Friday. Here it is: The greatly anticipated . . . Cape Town Commitment

The Cape Town Commitment has been given to participants of the Lausanne World Congress and will be released to the wider public tomorrow (Friday – but I am in New Zealand so Friday comes sooner). I am reading it today and will put a link to it right here tomorrow. So come back and discuss it with me, esp. the parts that deal with new media and emerging technologies.

The Lausanne Covenant has been a massive resource to us over the years and I expect the Cape Town Commitment will also play a similar role in giving us a united voice around our missional priorities.

Doug Birdsall emailed us this morning, saying . .

"Our thanks to Dr. Chris Wright and the Statement Working Group for their tremendous work in drawing together what was said at Cape Town 2010 so this document could be a true reflection of the Congress voices.

More, it is a reflection of the consultation process on the challenges and opportunities before the Church which began in 2007 and continued through the Congress.  We are grateful for the literally thousands of Christian leaders who have spoken into this process.  The Lausanne Board has fully endorsed The Cape Town Commitment and they urge you to prayerfully read and reflect on this document."

Come back to this post tomorrow and I will have the link for you, as will many of the Lausanne bloggers.

Oh and heres a picture of took of Chris Wright in Cape Town at an event we both spoke at.



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