Adventure in Progress Family Interview

Most of the time I think its quite normal, our family and friends traveling around the world in a 4×4 truck. But I suppose its not. Our family was interviewed recently by another family for Adventures in Progress about our life on the road. I was just reading the responses from our kids.


Aventure in Progress: What do you like most about your families travels? What has been the best moment for you so far?

Tamara “TJ” (8): I like lots of things, lots of moments, I liked seeing that waterpark (Morocco) I like the moment when we first started traveling and i was thinking of all the things i could do.

Hannah (12): The waterpark in Morocco that we went to on TJ’s birthday.

Abigail (14): Eating camel couscous in the Sahara or that time in Portugal when we picked olives at our friends community.


Brienne (our seven year-old) asks: Are you going all the way around the world?

Andrew: Hi Brienne. Eventually, we will have been around the world but not all in one trip. The hard part about going around the world in one trip is the horribly expensive ocean crossings on ships. So we are staying on the land as much as possible. From Europe. Africa is only a 2 hour ferry crossing so thats pretty easy. And also from Europe you can drive east into Turkey and keep going east until you get to Iran and Pakistan and India and before you know it you are in Asia. Thats what we would like to do very soon. But we might just drive back again instead of heading in the same direction because its so much cheaper. And anyway, we have already driven around USA (every state except 2 of them) and spent time in Central/South America and I have driven across Australia a few times.

Celine (our 10 year-old) asks: Have you guys seen any castles?

Tamara: We have seen a few.

Andrew: In Portugal we saw a lot of old forts that the Romans built but most of the castles we have seen were in Scotland, France, Germany and Czech Republic. We went inside a castle once in Scotland and saw lots of amour and weapons of castle warfare. Pretty gory stuff. You dont want to know. Really. But you might be interested to hear of the castle toilet which was more like a round stone platform with a hole in the middle and a 100 foot drop. Great view but a little windy and cold in the winter. Better to be on the toilet than below it, thats for sure.

Read the whole thing, including thoughts on getting dressed when there are 9 people in the truck. And you may want to follow our family travel blog. We call it Jonesberries because we were inspired by the TV show The Wild Thornberrys who were also traveling the world in a 4×4 motorhome.



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