The Feast Conference for Social Entrepreneurs

Well. I arrived in New York and am staying in Queens in an apartment with 6 other very cool people who are all participating in the Feast event tomorrow.

feast conferenceWho is here? Sweet Notion’s Shannon, Andy and Catherine from London, Jessica is coming up from Texas, Brad Sargent from San Francisco, Johannes from Germany and me from my itinerant wanderings. All of us working on social enterprises and hoping to connect with others doing the same thing in different ways.

Social accounting initiative: We are using the time together to work on a social accounting system that will help us measure transformational impact with 4 bottom lines: by which I mean the projects will be (1) socially transformative, (2) environmentally responsible, (3) economically self-sustainable and (4) bring spiritual renewal and reconcilation.  A lot of social enterprises measure 3 forms of capital (social/environmental/economic) and leave out the spiritual but we all feel the spiritual capital is essential and foundational.

– Nothing new under the sun. There is much to learn from other fourth sector enterprises and older mission societies have some wisdom from the past, as I have suggested in my thoughts on Fourth Sector and Mission. There are also plenty of new emerging enterprises that could guide us into greater capacity and lasting transformation. What we often lack is knowledge about how to use the new social media to bring about [and measure] that impact. Thus . . . here we are at Feast in New York.

– The Feast Party is open to the public. Thursday Oct 2nd, from 7pm to 10pm at Green Spaces, Green Spaces, 394 Broadway (between Walker and White Street). Come and say hello.

Top nonprofit blogs awardBlog award. I just got awarded another badge, this time from The Daily Reviewer, who told me I was voted one of the Top 100 non-profit blogs. Fantastic!!! Thank you all who have read and commented on my social enterprise blog posts and voted for me!!!


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