In Yeovil, England

Yeovil, England. Pronounced “Yo – vil”. Sylvester Stallone would feel quite at home here.


I was here today for the Tribal Generation meeting. Great to see so many Brazilians who are now bringing the gospel to Europe. There were other nationalities also. JP from France who is now working in Belgium. One Brazilian who started 10 churches in North India, and is now also working in Belgium. Others from everywhere working everywhere.

That was a big theme – multi-directional mission. This was also something i talked about when i was asked to say a few things. I thought it interesting hearing Olgavaro talk about starting movements and keeping things simple, and expecting a little mess because its all very new and chaotic. Interesting, because the Assembly of God missionaries who went to Brazil many decades ago were influenced by Roland Allen’s “Missionary Methods: St Paul’s or Ours?” which had a similar message. It was like hearing the echo of the simple message of the gospel that went out to Brazil now coming back to Europe.

Reminds me of when I used to make big waves in the bathtub as a kid [i dont do it anymore, really!] watching the wave go forward and then come back, and then go forward again and back. Missions is a bit like that. And it seems like we are at one of those full-circle moments when the wave is coming back to hit us in the face and remind us of the simple ways of Christ and his apostles.

Back in London tomorrow and then home.

Worth Diversion: I had a cup of tea with the grandson of missionary Roland Allen


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