Soul Graffiti, by Mark Scandrette

Book Review – Soul Graffit: Making a Life in the Way of Jesus, by Mark Scandrette

514Urpkt0Bl. Aa240 Excellent book! This the way these books need to be written, especially when the authors are highly creative. Some story, some poetry, some deep thinking (but dont be expecting a theological treatise), some Jesus story, some mindless dribble [not really] all mixed up with life and ministry and whatever is happening that day. I am so glad that Mark Scandrette had the freedom to write like he lives and like he talks. He is a good man. Almost a decade ago I was driving him around San Francisco, telling him he should move here with his family. Now he is deeply embedded as part of that city’s tapestry and bringing the way of Jesus into it. This book is about that. Its a great book. Buy it. Dammit. And make sure you meet Mark one day. In the meantime, read some sample chapters on the SoulGraffit blog.

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