The Gospel According to Czechs

More emerging church people in the newspapers. This time a Bible translator and church planter. Listen to how this newspaper describes the birth of their first community . . .

“Soon enough, a group of bohemians and artists was meeting at Katka’s studio, rapidly converting to a Christianity that lacked denomination or doctrine — an ecumenical hodgepodge flecked with subversiveness in the waning days of communism . . .This impromptu collection grew into a congregation, though not without interference.”

PP newspaper, last week

That could be a description of emerging church people anywhere in the world. But it happens to be a group in Prague, Czech Republic. Sasa Flek, the subject of this newspaper articl is a dear friend and we have just spent time with his family in the south of France. He used to translate the Scriptures out of the basement in our house in Prague. Now we are gone but the translation – both Old and New Testaments – are almost completed. Sasa just let me know that the last paragraph of that article was actually the opposite of what he was trying to say – it just came out wrong. So please don’t jump on him.

SosbookSasa uses artwork in the individual printing of Bible books. His translation of Song of Songs uses Chagall’s paintings. I wish there was similar creativity in the English language. Also, in 2002, Sasa began sending out sms devotionals from the Bible to people’s phones. It quickly became a list of over 300 people and perhaps one of the first sms communities.

Sasa . .. you rock and its great to see you acknowledged in your home country.

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