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Ahhh . . . Hungary. Wish I was there. The Alliance for Saturation Church Planting is having its farewell conference right now in Budapest. I usually turn up each September for this conference but cannot make it this year for their last event. Last year I spoke on “Emerging Culture Issues”. In 2002 I gave the “Budapest Album” But this year, I am absent for this event. I told their story back in June of why they are stopping.

Who’s blogging it?

 NgkastnerszinesGabi says she is too personal in her blogging but we could all learn from her – to blog from our emotions AND our head. She is the blogger to read this weekend. And then there are the guys – mission geeks, all of them.

Scot Friderich will probably have the skinny on the conference. Scot’s wife got her nose pierced last week which is becoming obligatory for current day missionaries. My wife had her nose pierced back in 1998, just like Rebecca in the Bible (Genesis 24)

. . . Sorry . . . off track . .

Reinhold is there from Switzerland.

Alexander from Bath, UK is there. He is currently blogging “30 Hallmarks of emerging scripture-based fellowships” (Start here)

David Toth just gave a message on the need for church planting movements in that region.

LeebLee Behar hasn’t blogged for months but he is the nicest guy in the world. He is also the ASCP team leader who is delicately taking down the structures and paving the way for the future. Pray for him this weekend. Its got to be an emotionally draining experience. But he should be encouraged about the great work ASCP have accomplished in the past 10 years. And the next season for Central and Eastern Europe.

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