Checking out and the naked truth

All is well with us, as we check out for the weekend. Hand is healing. House is clean. Pizza party went well again last night. We now have a regular stream of Muslims coming so we have to use Halal meat. We watched Return of the King last night.
Have a great weekend everyone.

Weeks over. We are all well, here in London, the city where nobody is well.
Thursday evening i helped a church cook a BBQ for the community in Hackney. I had to hide my cut hand under a large plaster. We cooked sausages, chicken, vegetarian burgers and vegan burgers. good fun, and all on the front property of the church.
Friday night pizza party. We are having a regular stream of muslims coming for our pizza and a movie on Fridays, so i have to buy halal meat. Luckily, most of the butchers around here are Halal. Hannah’s little friend from school came. She wears a face covering like her mother (just the eyes are visible) and our Hannah often wants to dress like her friend.
Today, I moved Shannon’s couches over to her apartment.
Tomorrow, a bunch of people are coming over to discuss the idea of getting a stall in Camden market and creating some things to sell there, and creating a quasi-church community around it.

My hand is healing and almost better. I never did mention how it happened, since it was really yukky and i couldnt even look at it until many days later. Here is the skinny on it. I was reading my Bible in the bath tub, stark naked. i put the Bible on the shelf and lay back down in the bath. Just then the huge glass mirror, without a frame, was falling forwards towards me. It would have smashed on the edge of the bathtub and i felt quite vulnerable – being naked and all – so i caught it with my left hand – and you know the rest – hospital, 5 stitches, missed trip, ohh yeah – and the doctor who stitched me up was really nice, but she was into horror movies so she wasnt the most compassionate/sympathetic doctor who ever JABBED A MASSIVE NEEDLE INTO MY OPEN WOUND MANY MANY MANY MANY TIMES!!!!!

But hey, its all over now and my emotional healing is to the point that i can tell you the naked truth about my incident in the bathtub.


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