Big meal, Monty Python marathon, 2 Turkeys, Lazy day of eating and cooking. This Thanksgiving was more American than most – since we invited other Americans to join us rather than internationals or locals from Prague, as we did last year.

The wildest Thanksgiving we ever had was with the street kids in San Francisco. i just found what I wrote about it a few years back, and I posted it here for you to read. Enjoy. And dont take me too seriously.

A snippet from “Free Range Turkeys”:

“Commercial turkeys, like the big fatties you buy at the supermarket, are born to be big. They are genetically configured through scientific engineering to look just like the prototype commercial turkey. There is no such thing as individuality. They all look just like their Turkey in the Test Tube God. No differences. No originality allowed. No mutations.  No variations. No room for a turkey with freckles, or birthmarks, or dreadlocks. No “I just want to be me” attitudes. No “I did it my way” songs. Just total conformity to the prototype.
 My voice had risen an octave or two and I could feel the pulse of the crowd rising. I kept going.” Keep going . . .


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