Mr Mullet found guilty of hair-cutting attack

“The defendants invaded their homes, physically attacked these people and sheared them almost like animals”. Amish Sect Leader Guilty of Crimes, NYTimes

I thought this story was a joke but it turns out to be sadly true. New York Times puts it this way . . .

“Samuel Mullet Sr., the domineering leader of a renegade Amish sect, and 15 of his followers were convicted  on Thursday in Cleveland of federal conspiracy and hate crimes for a series of bizarre beard- and hair-cutting attacks last fall that spread fear through the Amish of eastern Ohio.        

Mr. Mullet, 66, the founder of a community near Bergholz, Ohio, and 15 followers, including six women, were tried for their roles in five separate attacks last fall, involving assaults on nine people whom Mr. Mullet had described as enemies. The jury, which had no Amish members, heard three weeks of testimony and deliberated more than four days before reaching a verdict at midday on Thursday.

Although Mr. Mullet did not directly participate, prosecutors labeled him the mastermind of the assaults, in which groups of his followers invaded the homes of victims, threw them down and sheared their beards and hair.” LINK

Apparently some of the followers were also RELATIVES of Mr Mullet. Someone please tell Jeff Foxworthy because there is enough redneck joke material in there to launch the next tour.


If there are any Mullet fans out there, read my post and answer the question Did the Magi wear Mullets?


And its been 5 years since we talked about the First Amish Emerging Church. Do you remember that??

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Yes I know the Amish trial this month was embarrassing and sad but its just NOT MY FAULT that the guys name happened to be MR MULLET!


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