Hanging out in Istanbul

We are taking a week’s holiday and we chose Turkey. We arrived in Istanbul yesterday. Amazing, wonderful, historical city. The people are REALLY REALLY friendly and I totally recommend all my friends to come to this country to visit and enjoy. Last night I went out with my son, Sam, who is with us for a few more days before leaving us to study filmmaking in Wellington.

Watch out, Peter Jackson!


A few days ago, Turkey announced that they are handing back to the non-Muslim minorities a billion dollars worth of buildings that were confiscated since 1936. The Christians will also be allowed to reopen their Seminary that was closed in 1985. FANTASTIC! This is a great move and one that will no doubt speed their journey into joining the EU.

I hope the churches, who have 12 months to reclaim these buildings, schools, cemeteries, etc, will use them wisely. I bet other countries will offer to help them think through what could be done to repurpose some of those buildings for ministry in the 21st century. I know I have some ideas . . . .

The Hagia Sofia, of course, will remain a musuem. It was taken a long time ago and thats all water under the bridge. Bummer!

Istanbul hagia sophia


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  • Marion Altena says:

    As a Turkish interpreter and Istanbul-freak I’m very jealous now 😉
    And as long as you’re there, PLEASE make sure to visit the most extraordinary terrace in town:
    It’s the perfect place to meet with some friends and have a coffee.
    Greetz, bless bless,
    Marion Altena.
    P.S.: Do you know David Cathey?

  • I’d love to visit Turkey. Some day! Good to know the people are friendly. Do you think they would be friendly to women as much as men?

  • Andrew says:

    Friendly friendly friendly. And friendlier in a nicer way than Morocco which we visited last year. The men in Turkey are nice to women as far as i can tell, esp. compared to other nations. they can be a little chauvinistic but they will probably not slap your bottom when you walk past like they might in other countries.
    It helps to cover up as much as possible.

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