Church leaders meeting in Christchurch

UPDATE: Meeting with me on Saturday

Yesterday I was in a gathering of about 200 church and ministry leaders in Christchurch. It was amazing to hear all the stories of how the churches have been involved in the relief and rescue efforts. They still are and are getting worn out. Churches that were destroyed in the east of the city were embraced and "adopted" by those in the west.

We need funds – I will put out a request on the blog soon so be prepared to give to the united church effort here.

We also need advice on how churches can work together to help rebuild the city over the long term. Does anyone know someone who has done this before on a large scale? Let me know.



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  • Mike Lane says:

    David Hogan, who was there when the earthquake occurred, mounted a massive relief effort for Katrina and his efforts became a model for NGOs seeking to recover and rebuild in disaster zones…might be worth having a chat to him.
    bless ya bro,
    mikey L.

  • Andrew says:

    thanks mike. i might contact him, although relief efforts are going very smoothly here as far as i can see.
    what we dont know is how churches maintain visibility without buildings, what a 6month and 1 year and 2 year plan for thriving post-earthquake might look like and what cities have done it before so that we can learn from them.

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