Theo: New Animation for Kids

The Facebook page for Theo already has 10,000 likes so I know this is going to be BIG!

Our family had a sneak preview for Theo Presents, a new animation for children that is designed to teach them about God. Our youngest daughter, TJ, watched the episode on forgiveness twice and today she was showing it to her older sister. These cartoons will make a great Christmas present but the website where you can buy them will not be released until Dec 20th which is  . . . inconvenient to say the least. However, if you can wait . . . its an amazing series of cartoons and I am already requesting the producers [I met Bruce at Lausanne World Congress last month] to get them into other languages as soon as possible. Actually, our whole family is going to their studios in Burbank next month to give them a “Well Done!” as well as a “Git ‘R ‘Done!”

Theo – Good News from Theo Presents on Vimeo.

There’s a temporary website for Theo but its very minimal and bit lame and I hope you don’t judge the animation prematurely. The new website will change all that. Stay tuned. I will post a link when the time is right.


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