We are coming to USA: Need your help!

Big news! Our family is returning to USA for a coast to coast tour, starting late September in New York and going down, then westward through Texas, up to Oregon and down the West Coast.

Why now? Well, it is kinda sudden, isn’t it?  One of the biggest reasons is because we were denied a visa extension in UK and our time on the European mainland is limited to 3 months – which is over in a few weeks. We were hoping to drive over to India but the time is not right, esp. with the roads being washed out in Pakistan. So we will go back to USA for a bit.

Also, we need to reestablish our kid’s homeschooling in USA and we hope to do this in Texas.

Also, its been 5 years since our family was home in USA so it will be a good time to thank the people and churches that have supported us during that time.

And since we will be in USA anyway, it will be a good opportunity to explore what God is doing among the next generation of missional entrepreneurs. So yes, I would like to set up a few informal meetings where we have invitations. Some of you have already contacted us. Email me if you think its worth us coming to your city.

What do we need right now?
Thanks for asking [yeah right!].

1. Someone in Europe to look after Inigo Montoya, our Spanish dog, until we return. He is 6 months old and well trained. . . OK . ..  partially trained but very lovable.
2. An American van, camper van or motorhome to use for a few months. Dang, even a beat-up old car would work. Or if that fails, a series of rides to get us around from city to city.
3. Some kind people to open their homes as we pass through, or, in warmer climates, let us put up some tents in their backyard. But you have to let me cook crepes on Sunday mornings.
4. A big shed or storage area for our motorhome in Europe.
5. Someone with a big wad of cash to buy our family a plane ticket to USA.
6. Some kind people to pray for us during this crazy time.

UPDATE. Sep 2: OK – it looks like our dog will get a holiday with the Mudrik family in Prague [if its ok with their landlord] and some dear friends in USA have put up a site to raise funds for us and they are offering free smooches, massages, and even vacations in Austin, Texas or Port Townsend, Washington State. Really!


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Gloory777 says:

    Hello, it’s a guys from Ukraine, We will pray for you. God bless!

  • Joanna says:

    God bless on your journey, may it open more doors than you imagine

  • Matt McKimmy says:

    Should your adventures take you near Richmond, Indiana (right off the interstate half-way between Dayton, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana)and you happen to need a place to stay, drop me a line. Our home is certainly open to friendly sojourners such as yourself.

  • chris alford says:

    I’m in Kingsport, TN at the crossroads of I-81 & I-26 (north of Asheville, NC), you guys are welcome to land here. We have room inside and room outside whatever you like.

  • Tim Sokell says:

    We have a saying here in Newcastle upon Tyne… “Shy bairns get nowt!” Hope you get all that you need.

  • If your trip leads you to Winnipeg (yeah right!), our home is open to you.

  • What? Chicago not good enough for you? 😉 Travel well!

  • If you can get to Delaware on the way down (I-95 from NY), I’ve got a home you can stay in…

  • check out couchsurfing.org –
    anglimergent’s anglicouches has a nbr of us listings –
    and the great directory of hospitality homes
    ‘mennonite your way’ avlbl stateside or order online –
    safe journeys …

  • Dbeery says:

    I know several places in and around the Traverse City, Michigan area where you and your family would be welcome to stay for a while either in a RV or in Tents.
    The big nut to crack is #5

  • Infuse says:

    Best prices on airfare check
    Iceland Express
    and Air Transat

  • Andrew says:

    delaware? hey – thats where my wife went to school

  • Infuse says:

    wondering if you might have the reverse connections for me – my eldest 2 left yesterday for an eu architectural tour including berlin, leipzig, goreme, istanbul and ending in amsterdam – accomodations
    needed throughout sept beginning of oct – they return on the 6th – 2 birthdays celebrated while away 🙂
    Helsinki hospitality came through a blog contact, so
    thought this worthy of query … thanx!

  • whitney says:

    I am getting ready to do fundraising for you guys to get in to an rv… people are dumping them left and right currently… AND prayers big time… will let you know.. I am on it ASAP…

  • Bill Kinnon says:

    Canada is calling the Joneseseseseseses. Although I would avoid Winnipeg in the winter or spring. Toronto is always lovely. 🙂

  • Christopher says:

    “and they shared all things in common.”

  • Andrew…Really? Where? I live in Smyrna, about 45 minutes from Newark…

  • Sasa Flek says:

    Andrew, I will be in NYC in Sept – all the way to Oct 5. Last year I stayed with Jason Storbaken and other sweat people at Radical Living community in Brooklyn. Check out http://radicalliving.wordpress.com if you need a place to stay.

  • Sasa Flek says:

    I ment sweet – not sweat, sorry! :))

  • Johnny Laird says:

    Sent out a Tweet to see if it gets you some support…
    You guys are amazing!

  • Joshua says:

    Hi Andrew,
    If you come through Phoenix, Arizona, you’re welcome to stay with us or tent up in the back. I recommend not visiting in summer though, for obvious, hellish reasons.

  • linda says:

    i wish i could do more than pray but that’s it for now. when you’re in los angeles i hope you’ll come visit basileia, an emerging/missional plant headed up by david ruis.

  • yeah….. well………. you know doors open…. that’s a given…. ……..
    i do like crepes and want some of yours…….. that’s if you can deal with my pesto and homemade garlic bread! Hey skype soon ok. xocat

  • a-design@sbcglobal.net says:

    Hey Andrew … it’s Mike from the Haight Ashbury house. You guys are welcome here in Nevada City, CA (half way between Sacramento & Reno in Sierra Mtn. foothills 30 mins. north off I-80). It’s a really cool Victorian town. If you have an RV there’s a perfect place to park/sleep next to my house. Or I’ve got floor space or a nice private, big patio area for setting up tents.

  • Andrew says:

    cool. And David, my wife Debbie went to school at Delaware County Christian School when she lived in New Town Square, Penn, but she also lived in Delaware itself, and in Ocean City, NJ. Her dad moved a lot and marrying me didn’t change anything.

  • Rick says:

    I’m a pastor in Grand Rapids, MI offering you a place to stay whenever you’re nearby. Also, I’m currently attending Wesley Seminary (they just opened in Marion, IN and have a strong missional emphasis and online focus). I’d love to connect you somehow with them while you’re in the States or not.

  • tony sheng says:

    hey andrew, we are between dc and baltimore and our basement is open. also would love to buy you coffee. and would love to have you share with some high school students who would love to meet you.

  • Bend Oregon has the best breweries ya know, so if your looking for a pint or two when you come through Oregon do say hello, the coffee is not bad either. As for a place to rest your head I suppose that depends when you passing through this way let me know guys. much love.

  • Kathy says:

    Andrew! We live just down the road from Kingsport, in Oak Ridge TN, near I-40 and I-75. We have space, you’re welcome here and it’s the prettiest spot outside Godzone. We’ll show you the back side of the Bible Belt. I married another tall skinny Kiwi so I think I can handle it. We’ve got that Kiwi hospitality thing going on here. Sweet as!

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