I am FakeBrianMcLaren at Slot Festival

Bummer! I just heard that my friend Brian McLaren is in hospital. Pray for a quick healing for Brian! I was reading one of his earlier books yesterday and looking forward to catching up again. The organizers at SLOT Festival in Poland contacted me this morning and asked me to speak a few times in Brian's place on the same subject – "Is the Good News still good?"

I get to be FakeBrianMcLaren at Slot Festival.

Last year, Sy Rogers was the main speaker but had to leave one day early and guess what? Yes. I got to be FakeSyRogers for a day and speak in the same high-pitched high-energy wild-arm-swinging manner. Which was kinda fun. Reminds me of that song from the 80's "Don't you know I'll be your SUBSTITUTE . . . whenever you need me. Yeah Yeah!"

But now I have to be FakeBrianMcLaren for a few days. Should I shave my head? And if you have any ideas on "Is the Good News Still Good?", plz let me know.

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