Are bloggers just a bunch of pajama-wearin’ coffee-sippin’ armchair-theoblogians

An apology to my readers: I am REALLY REALLY sorry my blog has sucked recently. For the past few months I have been lucky to post once or twice a week.

The reason?

Well, so much has been happening, in so many different places (we have been to about 12 countries in the past 3 months) and SO FEW WIFI SIGNALS, or at least so few wifi signals without passwords, and so little time to blog.

The moments when my life is really exciting and I have plenty to blog about are the EXACT SAME MOMENTS when I am not able to blog because I am in weird countries without WIFI or have no time to write down what is happening.

And the moments when I have plenty of time to blog and surf other blogs are the EXACT SAME MOMENTS when nothing much is going on.

So, in conclusion, whoever said that bloggers are just a bunch of pajama-wearin' coffee-sippin' armchair-theoblogians who need to get a life and move out of their momma's house . . . was actually not far from the truth.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Di says:

    I’m dressed, moved 20,000kms (at least, from home), hmmmm I’m regretting the coffee-sipping breakfast as the caffeine bit my bum this morning and well … I think bloggers are kind of cool.
    Just found your blog. Thought ‘kiwi??! excellent!’ Will read on, and undoubtably comment, as there are always things that need to be said.

  • brian h says:

    I drink coffee, but don’t wear pajamas, not that I blog naked! Also don’t have an armchair. I love the word theoblogians.

  • I never could wear pajamas all day. I prefer jeans, a t-shirt, and barefoot.
    Other than that, the stereotype isn’t that far from the truth (except that I do have a full-time job).

  • becky says:

    Andrew – my hope is that you are keeping a journal of some sort – what you are experiencing does need to be shared with the wider world in some format.

  • Jon says:

    I’ll echo becky’s interest in hearing more about what is happening. i wonder if you could leverage your networks a little with some sort of epistle/blogging hybrid. No wifi so write some summary letters the old fashioned way and snail mail them to friends who would agree to post them on their own blogs as letters to their blogging communities – Perhaps even matching recipients and content with location and topic at hand. it would be an interesting way to stitch together the wanderings of the tsk crew.

  • Winn Collier says:

    Blogging once or twice a week means the blog sucks??? Yikes. I’ve sucked since basically the beginning.

  • Paul Minty says:

    Is the dilemma ‘to observe or to participate’. I think Hemingway may have faced the same thing; without the harsh spotlight of an instant global media.

  • jonny says:

    ha! not worn pyjamas for at least 30 years. coffee and armchairs on the other hand… 😉

  • YUP…. but i blog to release what’s been going on… PJ’s,- naw……..
    Naked – always.. least in the writing bits! Glass of vino… NOT coffee.
    luv yaxo

  • Eric says:

    As long as people have been keeping journals, there has been the frustration of no time to write when things are busy, and lots of time to write when there’s little to write about. When I look at my old journals, the more exciting times have often been reported thinly, with more written when there was little happening.

  • what yo choose the best blogging platform to used?

  • I don’t wear a pyama, I hardly ever drink coffee, and I’m almost never writing from an armchair..; so no to your title question when it comes to me… Maybe I’d become a better blogger if I would?
    But it’s not only with blogging; the times you have inpriration and a lot of things to say are the times you don’t have time to write them down, and the times you do have time you don’t have inspiration…

  • i do happen to blog naked. less restrictions all around…

  • robbymac says:

    When I’m not leading Discipleship Training Schools, or working with the poor and addicted in the red light district of my city, or building houses for the poorest of the poor, I blog.
    And I live in Tijuana, Mexico. Does that count for anything?
    Or do I still need new pajamas? 🙂

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